Street Interviews

This page is a collection of interview of homeless people done on the streets with the Alpha Project outreach team in late July 2106. I’ve also included a few other videos I made at the same time.

Harry Payne – Police Clearing 17th Street and the HOT (Homeless Outreach Team) taking him to Saint Vincent DePaul’s

Check Email – How homeless folks check their email at the downtown library.

Obama Phones – How is it that homeless people all have cell phones?

Presbyterian Urban Ministries – One of the most effective small services in San Diego.

Dennis Johnson – Drugs and alcohol problems, wants to get into a treatment program.

Sonny – Older, physical and mental health issues, wants a place to live.

Gilbert Anthony – San Diego native. Health problems. Couldn’t get through transitional housing program because of rules. Can do handyman work and wants a place to live.

Charles Lamar Jones – Health and mental health issues, ex-military. Now lives in an SRO (Single Room Occupancy).

Wanita Long – San Diego native. Mental health issues. Alcohol.

Leticia Croce – Health problems.

Sandra Lelani Cardenas – Schizophrenia. Wants to return to home in Mexico.

Allan Ostermann – Mental health issues (bi-polar) UW Madison, English lit major, graphics designer, artist (portraits, charcoal, pastels), became homeless in Portland and says it was much easier to be homeless there. Says San Diego is much harder than Portland and LA. Says there’s more drugs so it’s more dangerous.