Street Interviews

This page is a collection of interview of homeless people done on the streets with the Alpha Project outreach team in late July 2106. I’ve also included a few other videos I made at the same time.

Harry Payne – Police Clearing 17th Street and the HOT (Homeless Outreach Team) taking him to Saint Vincent DePaul’s

Obama Phones – How is it that homeless people all have cell phones?

Dennis Johnson – Drugs and alcohol problems, wants to get into a treatment program.

Sonny – Older, physical and mental health issues, wants a place to live.

Gilbert Anthony – San Diego native. Health problems. Couldn’t get through transitional housing program because of rules. Can do handyman work and wants a place to live.

Charles Lamar Jones – Health and mental health issues, ex-military. Now lives in an SRO (Single Room Occupancy).

Wanita Long – San Diego native. Mental health issues. Alcohol.

Leticia Croce – Health problems.

Sandra Lelani Cardenas – Schizophrenia. Wants to return to home in Mexico.